Biotiful Organic Dairy Peach Kefir Drink 250ml


Biotiful Dairy Organic Kefir Peach is a cultured milk drink made with Organic British milk and live Kefir cultures. Creamy yet light with a luxurious, mellow taste that's slightly sweeter than the Kefir Original with absolutely no sugar added. Packed with billions of live cultures, high in protein and no sugar added. This Kefir is nutritious, luxuriously creamy and bursting with peach. Perfect for supporting immunity naturally and gut health

This product is Gluten-free.

Ingredients: Organic pasteurised cow---s milk fermented with live kefir cultures*, water, organic peach puree (3.4%), organic fruit concentrate (apple, grape, carob), gelling agent: pectin, natural flavouring, organic lemon concentrate