elevenses Urbino Vázquez Velázquez Mexican Ground Coffee 200g


Imported and roasted in small batches by a Calder Valley coffee roaster, this is a strong, sweet coffee with flavour notes of brazil & hazel nuts, milk chocolate & muscovado sugar... with the addition of malt loaf as the coffee cools.

The grind is a medium and ideal for use in a French press (cafetière), but also works well with a stove-top pot, and, depending on your preferences, potentially with a pour-over or Aeropress.

We also sell this coffee as beans for you to grind at home for the ultimate in freshness and flexibility.

Country: Mexico
Region: Ángel Albino Corzo-Chiapas
Processing Station: Café Capitán Luis A Vidal SPR de RL
Process: Fully Washed
Varietal: Typica & Bourbon
Altitude: 1,600 metres above sea level

The region of Ángel Albino Corzo has some of the highest altitudes in the biggest coffee producing state of Mexico, Chiapas. Here producers still grow many of the traditional varieties: typica, bourbon, and the local peñasco.

Most of the coffee farms in this region lie within the buffer zone of the UNESCO protected biosphere reserve of Triunfo Verde.