Steenbergs Arabic Spices Tower


Four of Steenbergs popular Arabic spice blends in a new gift box, complete with colour recipe card.

The four in this box are:

Za'atar 50g - the ever popular blend which combines thyme, sumac and sesame seed

Organic Harissa with Rose 40g - a powder format of this all purpose seasoning, which combines heat and flavour.

Ras Al Hanut 48g - a very flavoursome blend, not hot, but with over 20 spices in it, it's one of our most complicated (and popular)

Organic Dukkah 55g - roasted organic chickpeas, combined with a range of organic spices, make this perfect for adding as a crust or a crunchy texture to meals, or as a dip (alongside olive oil)

The colourful recipe card contains four recipes to get you started in Arabic cooking. A great gift for yourself or your friends and family.

See individual item listings for spice blend ingredients.