Steenbergs Organic Ground Galangal 30g


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Closely related to ginger, organic galangal (known often as Laos powder even though it does not come from the country - Laos) is used in many South East Asian dishes, especially those of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.  For example, Thai soups not only include lemongrass and lime leaves, but also a few slices of galangal, while Thai green and red curries include the ground galangal powder.  Organic galangal is more intense and flowery in flavour than organic ginger and its aroma really gets right to the back of your nose with a cleansing smell. Use small amounts of Steenbergs organic galangal in soups, curries, grilling chicken or fish. Alternatively, add a pinch to your minced beef, some onions and garlic with no tomato and very little liquid to create a flavoursome, dry loose meat dish.  Steenbergs organic galangal is normally sourced from Indonesia or Vietnam.