Blessed be our Bakers

Blessed be our Bakers

We are blessed in the Calder Valley to have a number of organic bakers who really know their craft, and it is our pleasure to showcase many of them within Valley Organics. Different bakers supply us on different days so we can give you choice in both variety and style of bread, and as a wider range of other baked items. We hope you enjoy the wares of these artisan bakers as much as we do.

Mother, based in the Valley in Luddendenfoot, supply a range of their artisan loaves on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.  Their bread is made with 100% wildfarmed flour; this is flour grown subject to a set of strict protocols that ensure wide biodiversity and good soil health.  As well as being good for the planet it results in great flour.  Mother slow ferment their bread over 3 days resulting in a great depth of flavour and high levels of hydration. As well as giving a moist bread this means they tend to keep longer than most sourdough loaves. 

As well as their traditional loaves, Mother also provide us with the dense, moist Porridge Rye sourdough and the amazing Everything loaf, that, as the name suggests, includes a whole range of organic ingredients such as seeds and garlic (think New York bagel in loaf form!).

Baked of Todmorden supply the shop with their fresh bread and snacks on Wednesdays, Thursdays and at weekends. They have white, wholewheat and a mixed-Rye sourdough, along with a range of yeasted loaves. They also supply us with Antipasti Swirls, sweet and savoury focaccia, brownies, and banana bread ... although you may need to fight our staff for these if you leave it too late as they seem to like having them for their lunch!

Our neighbour on Market Street, Saker Wholefoods supply our veg box scheme and online delivery service with fresh bread every day. This allows us to deliver that day's bread along with your fruit and veg boxes and online orders. Saker have been baking in Todmorden for over 40 years, and are proud to keep to their traditional recipes. Choose from a range of levain sourdoughs and traditional yeasted loaves and have them delivered to your door, often still warm from the oven!

The newest addition to our collection of amazing bakers is Crust from just up the Valley in Bacup. Crust is an old fashioned artisan bakery run by a Polish couple who grew up in traditional bakery families. They are taking their family recipes and applying a modern twist to produce some fantastic products. Crust has enabled us to introduce a pre-sliced sourdough that is proving popular with many of our customers and is available every Wednesday and Friday. We are exploring other products in their range - if you get in early enough there might even be samples for you to try and give us your view on.