Biona Organic Garlic Paste 130g


Our all-natural garlic paste delivers truly premium flavour, with the ultimate in speed and convenience. It gives you all the taste of fresh garlic, without all the peeling and chopping. And with no artificial additives or preservatives, it’s better for you all round.  

As one of the only purely organic garlic pastes on the shelf, our recipe contains only the purest, simplest ingredients – with no nasties. It’s simply quality organic garlic, mixed with organic coconut oil and sea salt, with a splash of natural coconut vinegar to keep everything fresh.  

Use it exactly as you would fresh garlic, and experiment with some quick new tricks too. Mix our paste with olive oil as a base for a stir fry, or to add depth to a marinade. For a super-fast lunch, gently fry the paste first, and then stir it into pasta with some olive oil, parsley and a dash of parmesan, or spread it onto some crusty bread. 

Ingredients: Garlic*, Water, Coconut Vinegar*, Coconut Oil*, Sea Salt. * = Certified Organic Ingredients