Carley's Organic Raw Cashew Nut Butter 250g


100% whole truly Raw Organic Cashews, nothing added, nothing taken away.

‘Ordinary’ cashew nuts are heat treated by necessity in the cropping process. Cashews grow from the base of the cashew apples, a fruit that we don’t commonly eat.  These fruits contain an acrid oil called urishiol, to remove the urishol most cashews world-wide are subject to a brief but intense heat to clean the nuts and remove this natural substance. Therefore these nuts are not truly raw. Carley's have however, after many years of searching, managed to source some truly raw cashews. These are laboriously air dried at ambient temperatures to remove the urishiol, the process takes considerably longer and therefore it is not usually financially viable from but we have located a small organic growers co-op who do use this method and we are proud to buy these very special nuts.  

Therefore Carley's Raw Organic Cashew Nut Butter is exactly that, truly raw and truly delicious!

Carley's very gradually cool mill these cashew nuts to a velvety smooth luxurious nut butter. It doesn’t get much simpler than this.