Chocolate & Love Organic Passion Fruit 65% Dark Chocolate 85g


Dark chocolate bar 65% cacao with a filling of passion fruit, mango and orange. It is a harmonious fusion of dark chocolate and a filling of exotic passion fruit with an irresistible tang! Imagine succulent mangoes, their juicy sweetness complementing the passion fruit’s tanginess and a dash of zesty orange adds a burst of sunshine to the velvety darkness.

This product is Fairly traded, is Organic and is Vegan.

Ingredients: Cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, sunflower oil*, whole cane sugar*, natural flavour (passion fruit*, mango*, orange*): 1.5%, antioxidant: citric acid, turmeric*, vanilla pods*. *Certified organic. Cocoa, sugar, vanilla, tumeric: traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards, total 91%. Visit Cocoa: 65% minimum (chocolate).

Allergy: May contain milk, hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts.