Dillon Organic Gluten Free Olive Bread 275g


Delicious Gluten free sliced bread packed full of organic seeds including Sunflower, Flax, and pumpkin as well as green olives. No preservatives, additives, gums, fillers or other nasties. Gluten and dairy free, vegan and low carb. The Dillon Organic founder designed this product to be filling and suitable for diabetics. It is made using a gentle sourdough, without the use of yeast or other baking agents. Enjoy!

Gluten Free, Vegan, organic, low carb, suitable for diabetics, yeast free, no fillers, non GMO, Low GI, Low GL, filling, Energising, and high fibre.

Pack contains 4 slices.

Ingredients: Water, 31.8% seeds*: (sunflower*, brown flaxseed*, pumpkin*, yellow flaxseed*, millet*); gluten free oats*, sunflower oil*, green olives* 4.5%, apple cider vinegar*; psyllium husk*, apple fiber*, sea salt* *organic