Eaten Alive Smoked Sriracha Hot Sauce 150ML


This Smoked Sriracha won Best New Food Product at The Natural and Organic Product Awards. Hot and sweet peppers, smoked then slowly fermented with lots of garlic. This deep and tangy sauce is moderately spicy, the freshness of the chillies and other vegetables is not lost - perfect for splashing all over everything really! The smoke and sweetness balance the heat nicely for a mild and versatile finished sauce. Eaten Alive's range of fermented chilli sauces are the first to be all natural, raw and bio-live, and their products continue to win multiple awards for flavour and innovation every year.

This product is Vegan.

Ingredients: Smoked red pepper, smoked chilli, smoked onion, raw cider vinegar*, dry chilli, chilli miso (soy beans*, chilli powder, rice, koji cultures), raw cane sugar*, salt (*organic ingredients)