Equinox Organic Sicilian Orange & Yuzu Kombucha 275ml


Enjoy a burst of juicy citrus with this Organic Sicilian Orange & Yuzu Kombucha. Equinox have added fragrant Yuzu, with its herbal and floral notes, to elevate this classic orange ‘booch.

Equinox Kombucha only use the finest sustainable ingredients, a perfect blend of Chun-Mee Green Tea, Pure Spring Water, Raw Cane Sugar, and Kombucha Cultures. Their drinks are always 100% organic, vegan and ethically sourced. Fizzing with vitamins, naturally occurring acids, and energising enzymes.

Ingredients: Spring Water, Spring Water, *Kombucha Culture, *Raw Cane Sugar (fermented), *Sicilian Orange Juice, *Carrot Juice Concentrate, *Chun-Mee Green Tea (fermented), Orange Natural Flavour, Yuzu Natural Flavour, *Orange Peel, *Lemon Peel.

*Organic ingredients.

Contains trace amounts of alcohol.