Equal Exchange Organic Fair Trade Hispaniola Cocoa Powder 250G


This cocoa is non mass balance fairtrade – what does this mean? Quite simply this is the process where a cocoa purchaser or producer can obtain fair trade cocoa certification for the final product, in this case cocoa powder, even if the fair trade cocoa is mixed with conventional non certified cocoa at the processing plant. This is something we see far too often with Fairtrade certified cocoa. So, if you purchase this you can rest assured that the entire batch is 100% Fairtrade, no excuses!

Rich chocolate heaven…what more could you want from a cocoa?! It’s ideal for baking your favourite sticky chocolate brownies, or just having as a hot drink whenever the mood takes you. Vegan and gluten free. 100% cocoa.

Organic cocoa powder made from cocoa grown in the Dominican Republic, on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.