Infinity Organic Camargue Red Rice 500G


Organic Camargue Red Rice. Whole red grain rice with the bran still intact, but the inedible husk removed. Soaking time is 20-25mins, after which the grains will swell to 2.5 times their size, yielding a smooth firm textured grain.

Ideal for many rice dishes, adding colour to dishes and texture will complement strong flavours.

Camargue red rice is a versatile ingredient for vegetarian and vegan cooking, adding a wonderful colour to a variety of dishes; ideal for adding into soups, salads, veggie burgers and meatballs, casseroles, stews and rice dishes.

  • Excellent source of low fat carbohydrate
  • Good source of protein
  • Contains iron and magnesium for blood health
  • Rich in fibre for digestive health