Marigold Engevita Yeast Flakes with B12 100g


Marigold's glorious Engevita yeast flakes with B12 provide a rich source of B vitamins and minerals. It is a natural food grown on fortified beet molasses. Delicious dissolved in water, milk, fruit/vegetable juices or sprinkled on soups stews and casseroles and cereals to enhance their flavour. Engevita yeast flakes with B12 are also vegan and gluten free.

This product is Fairly traded, is Gluten-free and is Vegan.

Ingredients: Nutritional yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae, inactive), thiamine (b1), riboflavin (b2), niacin (b3), pantothenic acid (b5), pyridoxine (b6), biotin (b7), folic acid (b9), cyanocobalamin (b12), zinc sulfate.