Rapunzel Keimglas bioSnacky Sprouter


The glass germinator is the most common and the simplest germination device.
It is a particularly good choice for sprouting seeds such as alfalfa, mung beans and seed mixtures. The jar guarantees quick handling of seeds that need no fixed sprouting bottom. 

Quality benefits of the bioSnacky® Glass Germinator:

  • The Glass Germinator is made from environmentally friendly glass and PP (polypropylene).
  • PP is free from cadmium, formaldehyde and bisphenol A.

The bioSnacky® Glass sprouting jar is:

  • easy to use and look after
  • designed to let in the maximum light and provide perfect conditions for growth.

You can grow most sprouts in the glass jar. 
Do not sprout mucigenous sprouts such as arugula and cress in a glass germinator.

Product of Germany.