Rhythm 108 Lemon Ginger & Chia Sharing Biscuits 135g


Rhythm 108's zesty lemon-infused vegan biscuits are perfectly baked, combining zingy ginger with crunchy chia seeds. These vegan, organic and gluten-free biscuits are made by expert Swiss Pâtissiers, and with around 16 biscuits per pack, these Share Bags are perfect to enjoy with family and friends over a cup of tea or coffee.

Ingredients: Gluten free oat flour (33%)*, coconut oil (24%)*, coconut flower sugar*, almonds*, chia seeds (5%)*, lemon zest (1.3%)*, lemon oil*, ginger powder (0.4%)* baking powder (cream of tartar, sodium bicarbonate)

Vegan, organic and gluten free.