Simple Living Laundry Detergent Sheets Fresh Linen - 32 sheets


Simple Living Eco is an all-natural, biodegradable and pre-measured laundry detergent sheet made completely from plant-derived ingredients. It contains coconut oil and extract, all-natural polymers (PVA), and deionized water. No chemicals, no additives, no dyes and no perfumes. We were driven to start Simple Living Eco to offer the marketplace an alternative to single-use plastic. We know there are many people who are concerned for the environment and they want to do their part in reducing plastic consumption. However, there are currently not many laundry detergent options out there that are completely plastic-free, Simple Living Eco sheets are packaged in a thin recyclable paper box/ Envelope that is easy to store, can easily be tucked into luggage or a purse for travel, and there is no messy liquid to deal with. The minimal size and weight cuts down on emissions during transport.

Ingredients: Sodium dodecyl sulphate fatty alcohol polyglycol ether polyvinyl alcohol, deionized water

This product is Vegan.