Steenbergs Organic Chermoula 45g


Steenbergs Organic Chermoula is their interpretation of a delicious Moroccan spice blend that melds the earthy tastes of organic cumin and turmeric with the sweetness of organic paprika and some classic Mediterranean herbs.  Moroccan cuisine has probably become the most well-known North African style in European cooking and organic chermoula is one of the most versatile of the many Moroccan spice blends. Steenbergs Organic Chermoula Spice Mix is not too hot so it can be used to flavour salad dressings or as a dry rub for fish or chicken before lightly cooking.

Ingredients: organic ground cumin powder, organic paprika (pimenton), organic onion, organic turmeric, organic garlic, organic coriander herb (cilantro), sea salt (1%), organic cayenne pepper, organic ground black pepper powder.