Steenbergs Creole Rub 70g


Steenbergs Organic Creole Spices recreates the flavours of the classic Creole Seasoning that are the base for all New Orleans food. Steenbergs Organic Creole Spice is not a universal seasoning, but is a base upon which to build the seasoning of classic Lousiania dishes and is very versatile. Creole spice mix can be added to a tablespoon of olive oil and rubbed over chicken thighs before cooking, or add some zing to beefburgers, in addition to being used as a seasoning to casseroles and gravies.

Spice ingredients in Steenbergs Organic Creole Rub: natural sea salt (31%), organic cane sugar, organic ground white pepper, organic ground black pepper, organic paprika (pimenton), organic cayenne pepper (organic chilli), organic thyme herb, organic celery bulb powder, organic garlic powder, organic ground cumin seed powder.