Steenbergs Organic Green Peppercorns 35g


Steenbergs organic green peppercorns are a dried fresh peppercorn.  The organic green peppercorns are fully-sized corns that have yet to ripen and are the closest you will find to the flavour of freshly picked green berries straight from the vine.  Steenbergs organic green peppercorns have a dark olive green colour and a wrinkled appearance similar to black peppercorns but full of that characteristic green pepper flavour. Organic green peppercorns have a light aroma and a young, fresh pungency with plenty of bite.

Green peppercorns are more vivacious in character than the robust and oily flavour of black peppercorns. Their flavour works well in white sauces for poultry and red meats, while green pepper is a good flavour for use in pates and terrines, as they are against the richness of duck, game and pork. Classic examples of using green peppercorns are Steak in a Green Pepper Sauce or a Thai green curry.