Steenbergs Organic Madras Curry Powder 45g


Steenbergs Organic Madras Curry Mix is a Medium Hot Curry Powder. Axel Steenberg has created Steenbergs everday curry mix - organic Madras Curry Powder - to be a classic British style curry mix and to be really versatile.  You can use a small amount to lift a vegetable soup or as a dry marinade on beef before barbecuing or mixed with mayonnaise for curried eggs during Christmas or perhaps even for a Saturday night curry meal.

Ingredients for Steenbergs Organic Madras Curry Powder Spice Mix: organic cumin powder, organic coriander powder, organic onion powder, organic turmeric (haldi), organic garlic powder , organic organic fenugreek powder , organic ginger spice powder organic yellow mustard powder, organic ground black pepper powder, organic chilli powder, organic ground cinnamon powder, organic green cardamom powder, organic ground cloves powder.