Steenbergs Organic Mexican Chile blend 48g


Steenbergs Organic Mexican Chile Powder (Organic Mexican Chilli Powder) is milder than pure chilli powder, which is just ground chilli pods.  Steenbergs Organic Mexican Chile Powder is an agreeable blend of organic chilli, organic cumin and organic paprika that combines the fire of chilli with the earthiness of organic cumin seeds. The inclusion of organic paprika creates a mildness and almost sweet flavour, while the organic cumin provides the Mexican character. It's strange how organic cumin - that classic Indian/Moroccan spice - has a true Mexican flavour when combined with organic paprika or chopped tomatoes in a salsa.

Use Steenbergs Organic Mexican Chile Powder (Organic Mexican Chilli Powder) for chilli con carne or in North Mexican bean tamales, such as Tamales de Frijol Norteos, or in Tex-Mex dishes.

Spice ingredients in Steenbergs Organic Mexican Chile Powder (Organic Mexican Chili Powder): organic cayenne pepper (organic chilli powder), organic onion powder, organic garlic powder, salt (8%), organic ground cumin powder, organic oregano herb, organic coriander leaf (cilantro).