Steenbergs Ras Al-Hanut 83g


Literally meaning "top of the shop". Ras was the title given to an Ethiopian king. What makes this Mediterranean blend so special is its vast number of ingredients - usually over 20 - and the subtle manner in which all these unique flavours merge to form a balanced, full-bodied blend with no sharp edges. Ras al-hanut is a subtly curry-like with a spicy yet floral fragrance and robust yet subtle flavour. The notable aspect of ras al-hanut is that, although it is by no means pungent, its effect on food is so pervasive that about half the amount of other spice blends is needed in any dish compared to say an equivalent curry powder. Alternative spellings include ras al-hanout and ras el-hanout.

Top Cooking Tips: moroccan chicken stew; vegetable stew; on scrambled eggs; stew; rub on chicken; rub on steak & lamb; Moroccan tagine; roasted veg; eggs; fish; chicken; chicken curry; lamb spice rub on rack of lamb; spice rub on chicken wings; with lamb; on hummous; roasted veg; lamb koftas with ras al hanut with spritz of lemon; Moroccan veg stew; pork steak with garlic; Couscous balls - mixed with olive oil then stirred into couscous, then formed couscous into a ball before eating.

Ingredients: paprika (pimenton), cumin powder, ginger spice powder, coriander seed powder, cassia powder, turmeric (haldi) powder, ground nutmeg powder, orris root powder, ground fennel powder, ground allspice powder (pimento), ground green cardamom seeds, whole dill seeds, galangal spice (laos powder), ground caraway seed powder, ground black cardamom seeds, chili powder (hot chilli powder), ground cloves powder, ground mace powder, ground cubeb pepper powder, rose petals, bay leaf powder (laurel), saffron.