elevenses ~ Uganda Rwenzori Mountains Coffee Beans 200g


Roasted in small batches by a Calder Valley roaster, this coffee has flavour & aroma notes of sweet chocolate, toasted nut, honeycomb toffee and blueberry... with the addition of sloe and cherry as the coffee cools.

Country: Uganda
: Kasese District                                                                                                 Process: Natural
Varietals: SL14 & SL28
Altitude: 1400-1800 metres above sea level

This super-sweet and juicy Ugandan coffee is grown and processed by a community comprised of over 500 farmers, each with a plot of between one to three acres. These are located across the hillsides of the luscious Rwenzori mountains, famously known as the ‘Mountains of the Moon’. A recurring sight as you travel through the mountains is farmers drying their harvests on tarpaulins out the front of their homes.

The natural process is deep-rooted in the history of the Rwenzori people and over many generations, they have developed and refined the optimum method of treating their coffee thus creating unique flavours.

Put simply, the natural process is where the outer cherry & inner pulp that encase the actual bean, are left intact while drying occurs. This results in the fruity flavours of the cherry & pulp being absorbed into the coffee bean itself.
With the more common washed process, the cherry is removed from the bean soon after being picked.