Cafe Rebelde Organic Fair Trade Zapatista Coffee Beans 500g


100% Arabica Fair Trade Organic coffee. A blend of coffee grown by the women & men of Mexican & Columbian Co-operatives.

This coffee has the colour of the earth, a rich uncontaminated earth, cultivated for millennia by natural methods by the Indios Maya. An earth which the large estate owners & the multinationals, with the support of governments, want to take advantage of, by imposing unjust prices.

The EZLN fight for the Indios' independence. Many small producers have organised themselves into co-operatives, in order to defend livelihoods, communities & to sell their Cafe Rebelde Zapatista coffee.

By drinking this coffee you are directly supporting the Zapatista's struggle.

The farmers who have grown this coffee recieve a predetermind price. For every 1kg of Coffee sold by Essential Trading 40p is donated back to the Zapatista communities to fund basic infrastructure.

This coffee is grown by co-op farmers including Yachil Xojobal Chulchan (The new light in the sky).