Veg Box Customers: Our new Veg Box system is live!

Veg Box Customers: Our new Veg Box system is live!

If you've read your emails or perused the newsletter over recent weeks you'll know that we were replacing our veg box system with a brand new one.  

The new system and web site are now up and running!

This means a far more modern web site for you, making it easier to customise your order and manage your account, and the potential for us to offer a wider and more flexible service.

We have migrated all your orders, likes and dislikes onto the new system in advance of "going live".  Hopefully everything is correct, but there are some differences in how the two systems operate, so can all veg box customers please log in and check everything is as expected.  Go to

If you didn't create your account in advance you will need to reset your password before you can log in, and then add a payment card.  After the first week we will not be able to deliver to anybody who hasn't added a payment card. 

If you have any queries please get in touch at

Thank you,
Your veg box team